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Qi Gong is the foundation and mother system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Gong originated in China over thousands of years and has developed into a complete science of energy medicine and healing. Qi Gong has derived from two words, “Qi” meaning “vital life force, energy or breath” and “Gong” meaning to “cultivate, work or highly skill can literally be translated into breath work or energy work.” The theory behind Qi Gong is that when Qi flows within the body through the meridian systems then health and wellness can be achieved and maintained. Imbalances of this energy will result into pain or illness.


Many styles of Qi Gong are practiced world wide today. Qi Gong practices can be classified into internal and external, soft and hard. Qi Gong focuses on cultivating inner qi through proper posture, breath work, still/moving meditation, six healing sounds, acupressure massage. kung fu, nutrition and positive mental attitude. Through daily practice of Qi Gong and understanding the cycles of qi circulation within the body and nature, one can learn to harness this life energy to achieve optimum health and well being.

Each form of Qi Gong has a specific purpose behind the training and practice. To create a balance within the body, mind, and spirit connection, a practitioner will devote their life to studying Medical Qi Gong, Martial Art Qi Gong and Spiritual Qi Gong.

Held in high secrecy for thousands of years by the Masters of China, Qi Gong is now shared to the western culture. With dedication and proper guidance from Qi Gong Master Dr. Troy Bennett, you can achieve high levels of mastery in the Medical Qi Gong, Martial Art Qi Gong or Spiritual Qi Gong.

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