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Introduced to the martial arts by his father at the age of 4, Master Bennett has dedicated his life to studying the martial arts for over 30 years. 


Studying under world-renowned Grandmasters in the art of Gong Fu, Master Bennett has been teaching the philosophy and applications of the martial arts to his students to help them achieve health, wellness and longevity at the BAQ Center. 


Under the guidance of Master Bennett, one will learn Gong Fu skills to help them excel in many areas of life. 


The Gong Fu training focuses on soft and hard, internal and external training which will help the students reach and experience the body mind spirit connection.


The secret to Master Bennett’s success with his students is deeply rooted in his understanding of the traditional ways of training. Master Bennett continues to focus on the authentic teaching methods to help his students to reach high levels of understanding the theory and applications of all techniques.


Only with years of dedication to training and studying nei gong and wei gong, can one understand the true meaning of Gong Fu. 

Gong Fu

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