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Six Healing Sounds

Qi Gong six healing sounds is one of the great treasures of traditional Chinese Qi Gong practice and has been used for thousands of years to prevent illness and to promote health and longevity 


This ancient practice has been used by Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Taoist masters as a self-healing technique to cultivate internal qi for healing. 


According to Qi Gong theory, each organ in the body is connected to the five elements which is also connected to a sound vibration, emotion, season, color, taste, direction and so on. 


Understanding the vibration that each organ is associated with,  one can learn how to harness the sounds within the body to increase qi flow to the area needed for healing. 


Using specific qi gong exercise in combination with sounds one can increase the flow of life energy known as qi. 


Just as one laughs when happy, cries when sad, yells when angry, all these sounds create a vibration in the body to help the body re-balance the body from the emotion it is currently experiencing.


With daily practice under the guidance of a Qi Gong master, one can learn this self-healing technique to create well being. 


  1. LIVER  (XŪ)

  2. HEART (HA)

  3. SPLEEN (HŪ)

  4. LUNG (SĪ)



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